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Gilenya = Fail

Ok, here’s the scoop:

I’m still waiting on my IgeneX lyme test results.

I am off Gilenya for good because I was having bad, scary heart palpitations and am currently relapsing with loss of vision in both eyes, cog fog and weakness in my left leg.

I have an MRI tomorrow afternoon, after which I am starting a three day course of IVSM again.

Then I have a washout period of no medication and will be likely starting Tysabri.

Thus far, I have had Copaxone, Avonex, Gilenya, 2 CCSVI procedures, LDN, and 8 IV solumedrol infusions.

I am so ready for something to give, finally for the positive.

MRI Results show…

My radiology report is actually better than I thought. It says “minimal interval progression” with “new new small acute plaques in the subcortical white matter of the mesial right occipital lobe, right pre- SMA region, and in the splenium of the corpus callosum.”

I am off work for another week, so that things can calm down without the need for steroids.

Optic Neuritis Again in Full Swing

Well, I just plain feel like crap.

I want to enjoy my 2nd venoplasty, but I can’t shake this ON. Day 4 today for IVSM. I may be off of work for at least another week, because I can barely see out of my right eye. Left eye is a bit better, but it’s tough reading and writing – gives me a headache.

Gonna go rest my eyes now. Will be talking with neuro tomorrow about some additional leave of absence from work.