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Trying to save another life

I know so many people with Multiple Sclerosis (too many, in fact) which is why I strongly advocate for HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation). I believe that HSCT should be a treatment option that is available to those who qualify for it, especially if the MS medications have failed them, and that insurance helps to pay for it.

My good friend, Katie Hominsky, who was actually a former patient of mine is now hoping to get her treatment at Northwestern in Chicago, like I did nearly 2 years ago. I and several other ladies who live within a few minutes of me, who have had the treatment have been campaigning on her behalf to help her get donations so she can receive this treatment.

We are trying to save her life.

It’s that simple.

And now we are finally being heard! The Medina Gazette has a story on her and tells her journey how medications have failed her and that she NEEDS this treatment ASAP.

Please read about my wonderful friend who needs our help.

We love you Katie and we are praying for you!

They warned me about the Neupogen bone pain

And let the bone pain begin! This pain is no joke from these Neupogen shots. My sternum, sacrum, iliac crests and skull are killing me this morning.

I have been taking Claritin to ward off this bone pain and it’s been doing a pretty good job for the first 5 days, but today it decided to rear its ugly head.

I took some Tylenol so hopefully it will ease up with a little time.

***UPDATE: I had to cave and take a Norco a few hours after shot #5. The pain was a good 8/10. Not fun but doable. Just keep moving forward!***

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