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Optic Neuritis Again in Full Swing

Well, I just plain feel like crap.

I want to enjoy my 2nd venoplasty, but I can’t shake this ON. Day 4 today for IVSM. I may be off of work for at least another week, because I can barely see out of my right eye. Left eye is a bit better, but it’s tough reading and writing – gives me a headache.

Gonna go rest my eyes now. Will be talking with neuro tomorrow about some additional leave of absence from work.

CCSVI did not stop my MS

I am so bummed. My eyes were starting to bother me right before my second CCSVI procedure. I could tell that I was losing my eyesight (in both eyes!) and was hopeful that I would feel better after my procedure.

Day 3 IVSM for my MS vision issues

I can only half see – just enough to type slowly on the computer. I’m not sure if this is Optic neuritis in both eyes? Or if it is an occipital lobe lesion.

Today is day three of my IV Solumedrol. I’m starting to retain water which makes my eyes swell up and feel worse. Good grief. I think I may have go on MS meds again. 🙁

Second CCSVI Procedure

Azygous is still flowing well, but LIJ renarrowed to 80% and RIJ renarrowed to 50%. All opened back up and flowing again. My valves apparently don’t work correctly, so if this second veno does not hold, I may go into a clinical trial that was just IRB approved for bypass grafting around the stenosis. But first lets just pray the second one holds!

Number two done!