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Optic Neuritis Again in Full Swing

Well, I just plain feel like crap.

I want to enjoy my 2nd venoplasty, but I can’t shake this ON. Day 4 today for IVSM. I may be off of work for at least another week, because I can barely see out of my right eye. Left eye is a bit better, but it’s tough reading and writing – gives me a headache.

Gonna go rest my eyes now. Will be talking with neuro tomorrow about some additional leave of absence from work.

Who knew Celebrex works for migraines?

I have been fighting one of my worst headaches/migranes ever all day! I really did try everything to get some relief… I laid on the couch moaning in pain as I waited for Tylenol and Aleve to kick in.

I am seriously loving the fact that my migraine is totally gone now after taking Celebrex. Apparently, it is prescribed off-label for migraine prevention in people. It was the only thing that stopped my migraine today – I only wish I had taken it the moment I woke up, instead of trying Aleve and Tylenol. I had to wait for 8 hours after taking the Aleve since you can’t Celebrex at the same time as another NSAID.

I was originally taking it to prevent the side-effects from my Avonex shots. So, I was only taking it once a week. Well, now since I stopped my Avonex, I have leftover Celebrex, which I took for the first time today for something totally unrelated to my Avonex headaches.