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6 Months Post Stem Cell Implantation

We are coming upon my six month post-stem cell infusion visit. My goodness, time has flown!

I continued having a lot of trouble with eyesight in my left eye since November and went through three 5 day IV infusions with no improvement in my eyesight 🙁  Thus, I chose to do something I never thought I would do and started on the medication Tysabri

In 5 days I will be having my 4th Tysabri infusion.

And amazingly my eyesight has gotten much better – not directly due to the Tysabri, but simply because my body has stopped my continuous relapse of Optic Neuritis, and I have gotten time to have my body slowly try to heal itself.

I have noticed that I feel better on the Tysabri but about 1 week before the infusion my body reminds me that I need my infusion.  In fact, today and for the past three days I have noticed some increased difficulty walking, increased spasms and increased fatigue.  It’s weird… I feel like I NEED my Tysabri to feel better.

5 days and counting…

My stem cells are still circulating in my body and still need time to do some healing. At least now they have a chance since my relapses have thankfully stopped for the time being.