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They warned me about the Neupogen bone pain

And let the bone pain begin! This pain is no joke from these Neupogen shots. My sternum, sacrum, iliac crests and skull are killing me this morning.

I have been taking Claritin to ward off this bone pain and it’s been doing a pretty good job for the first 5 days, but today it decided to rear its ugly head.

I took some Tylenol so hopefully it will ease up with a little time.

***UPDATE: I had to cave and take a Norco a few hours after shot #5. The pain was a good 8/10. Not fun but doable. Just keep moving forward!***

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2nd day of IV steroids

My second day of IV steroids is officially done. I have been suffering with a ton of pain and fatigue and was due for my 6-8 week steroid infusion.

I am taking IV steroids every 6-8 weeks now in order to prevent a relapse from happening, while I wait for the stem cell treatment to start. It just so happened that I was not doing well, so the steroids came in handy at this particular time.

I’m feeling better already. Way less pain and no bad fatigue. Yay!!


Why am I so clumsy!!!


 I am going up the garage steps and my left leg decides not play along.  I catch myself and say “ow, my toe.  At least I didn’t totally fall!”

So I try waking on it and it’s not having it. I  look down and suddenly I see my foot in a pool of blood.  So I assess the situation while trying to cut down on my blood clean up. (Yes, you parents undertande that one LOL)
So what do I do? I get to a bathroom hobbling and wondering how to yell for help… at 1am!

Well I find my wound kit. (Again parents?) I pull out my saline wash, steri strips, and I’m gonna make it work. I hope I won’t need stitches. It’s not pretty but it’ll do for the night.