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One year ago today Mobilization began!

Time to relive some awesome past moments, starting with my very first video on the evening of January 28, 2017!

I can’t believe I started this journey one year ago!

Here is my first (Only seen by a few!) official HSCT video in Prentice from the late night after my Mobilization chemo.  I look back on this time and I remember exactly how I felt… I can’t believe I was speaking so slowly!  I was quite run down but full of hope!

I’d be going back to the hotel the next day to continue Mobilization with Neupogen shots and then the Harvest of my stem cells.  It’s so crazy how I felt right then and there, in that moment.

It was REAL, yet so SURREAL.

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They warned me about the Neupogen bone pain

And let the bone pain begin! This pain is no joke from these Neupogen shots. My sternum, sacrum, iliac crests and skull are killing me this morning.

I have been taking Claritin to ward off this bone pain and it’s been doing a pretty good job for the first 5 days, but today it decided to rear its ugly head.

I took some Tylenol so hopefully it will ease up with a little time.

***UPDATE: I had to cave and take a Norco a few hours after shot #5. The pain was a good 8/10. Not fun but doable. Just keep moving forward!***

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