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They warned me about the Neupogen bone pain

And let the bone pain begin! This pain is no joke from these Neupogen shots. My sternum, sacrum, iliac crests and skull are killing me this morning.

I have been taking Claritin to ward off this bone pain and it’s been doing a pretty good job for the first 5 days, but today it decided to rear its ugly head.

I took some Tylenol so hopefully it will ease up with a little time.

***UPDATE: I had to cave and take a Norco a few hours after shot #5. The pain was a good 8/10. Not fun but doable. Just keep moving forward!***

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Injections have begun!

Today is my first Neupogen shot.  I will be taking one of these for the next 7 days to help my stem cells grow rapidly so that I have plenty for harvest time.

I decided on a belly shot today and now I wait and see it work its magic.  I did take Claritin yesterday and today in order to hopefully lessen the bone pain that is common with this med.

From what I learned, apparently Neupogen causes a release of histamines and taking an antihistamine such as Claritin helps ease the possible bone pain side effect, as my stem cells grow in the bones that have the stem cell producing bone marrow.  I never would have thought of Claritin helping but I was grateful for the heads up I received from some of the other patients who had met previously that had gone through this process.  Here’s to hoping it’s a pretty painless next 8 days!

And here I go chanting!  GROW STEMMIES! GROW!

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Tomorrow Neupogen!

My MRI on Thursday showed that I have more progression and activity of my MS. The MRI showed new and old active lesions, so I ended up having two days worth of IV steroids during the start of my Mobilization.

 I had my chemo on Friday and am recovering with a bit of fatigue and some sore muscles. I have been sleeping a lot but I am feeling pretty good.  

Tomorrow at 7am I begin my Neupogen shots every morning until February 6th. I wish I were updating more but I’m sleeping quite a bit. Tomorrow we’ll see how I feel once I start my shots!

#hsct #stemcells #cureMS #nochemonocure #drburt