Some people just don’t get it!!

I’m pissed! I’m getting my last steroid infusion, and I’m am sitting next to someone who says that everyone who can walk shouldn’t abuse the handicap spots? Seriously!? I have a handicap placard because I have Multiple Sclerosis. Some days I walk better than others. He said people who are able to walk don’t have a right to the spots and just use their grandfather’s placard 😡😡😡

Today, I’m supposed to be non-weight bearing on my left foot because of my laceration. I have a podiatry appt tomorrow morning, but screw it I walked in with my cane and was parked so far away the from handicap spots. And I didn’t complain!!!

I don’t like judging people, so who are you to judge me for my “invisible” disability? Which isn’t invisible really. Would you rather see me in a wheelchair and then I can have your approval for my handicap spot, even though I didn’t even use one today.

Or you know what?
I’ll trade my disease with you any day so then you can have my handicap spot.
Let’s see how you feel after walking in my shoes!

Thanks steroids for adding fuel to my flame. I get riled up on steroids sometimes, Ugh.
*rant over*

3 thoughts on “Some people just don’t get it!!”

  1. Beautifully stated…..People with a compromised respiratory system might not use a cane or wheelchair but need a handicap spot due to limited level of activity tolerance. Ignorance of some people who have not experienced any type of limitation that is not apparent visually.. Just goes to show you that ignorance breeds intolerance. If you have the energy educate people when you hear them make comments like this. Do use the handicap spots when available. Do not let ignorant people make you feel guilty. I am getting off my soap box now. Sending hugs Anna…I admire your courage and fortitude in battling this disease

    1. Thank you! It was so difficult for me to stay quiet and just internalize the ignorance and intolerance. Thus, why I had to let it out here in writing 😉

  2. When I was in Vermont last month I developed a cold and well, you know how things can head south when an MSer gets sick. We were circling downtown Burlington looking for a place to eat and saw a disabled spot across from restaurant. We wondered if my NY tag was usable but decided it was Vermont, so probably yes. (Haha). I was 20 feet from the car when a stranger came up to me and asked where is my sticker? And he proceeded to tell me that he circled and looked everywhere to find a spot…and we took it. He was quite a vigorous, sturdy man younger than me by a bit and the encounter rattled me. I wish it hadn’t. My invisible disease, though getting less and less invisible, sometimes causes me to waste too much time second-guessing myself.

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