Fatigue all day… Insomnia all night…

That’s my MS…
Or at least a big part of it.

I never understood why this happens. It’s like I’m caught in a catch-22. If I am fatigued during the day, I end up taking a nap. These naps are not your typical “power naps” but rather 3-4 hour hits of deep sleep. Then later I am still fatigued and not rested. I tell myself that I want to go to sleep early (at least by midnight – yes, that is early in my turned-upside-down world) and hopefully start to change the cycle. I was always a nightowl but this is ridiculous. Three nights this week, I went to bed by 1am and still did not fall asleep until 3! Even when I take my Lunesta, it still doesn’t help.

Melatonin, however, seems to help a bit and when I took it last night I was able to fall asleep rather quickly – within an hour. So, I may have this be my go-to and see if it helps start to break the cycle.

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