I am apparently VERY clumsy! LOL

So I shared with you all a that I fell and sliced my toe open last night. Well, it won’t stop bleeding. So, Went to urgent care and I can’t put weight on the foot and I have to elevate it until I can see a podiatrist. I’m trying to use crutches but can’t because my balance on crutches sucks (think another fall will happen) so I have to use a walker for now. Ugh! 

2 thoughts on “I am apparently VERY clumsy! LOL”

  1. Oh hon I’m so sorry. Praying for your healing in Jesus name. Be safe. This falling is so hard. Just hope all will go good. Love you❤ Diane

    1. Thank you, Diane. I will do my best to be more careful! Tomorrow I have my podiatry appointment and we shall see how it goes.

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