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Some people just don’t get it!!

I’m pissed! I’m getting my last steroid infusion, and I’m am sitting next to someone who says that everyone who can walk shouldn’t abuse the handicap spots? Seriously!? I have a handicap placard because I have Multiple Sclerosis. Some days I walk better than others. He said people who are able to walk don’t have a right to the spots and just use their grandfather’s placard 😡😡😡

Today, I’m supposed to be non-weight bearing on my left foot because of my laceration. I have a podiatry appt tomorrow morning, but screw it I walked in with my cane and was parked so far away the from handicap spots. And I didn’t complain!!!

I don’t like judging people, so who are you to judge me for my “invisible” disability? Which isn’t invisible really. Would you rather see me in a wheelchair and then I can have your approval for my handicap spot, even though I didn’t even use one today.

Or you know what?
I’ll trade my disease with you any day so then you can have my handicap spot.
Let’s see how you feel after walking in my shoes!

Thanks steroids for adding fuel to my flame. I get riled up on steroids sometimes, Ugh.
*rant over*

Rockstar Parking

Unfortunately, it sometimes comes to this.

As of right now it’s in my glovebox, but it’s there in case I am having a really bad day.  Some days I just don’t walk as well as I used to, especially toward the end of the day. I still have yet the balls to use it.

Hopefully, we have some new and interesting things coming up on the horizon which can fix all of this.  I may just be going on a health-related trip soon, I hope.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this may be my answer and that I will never have to use that big blue hanging placard to get my rockstar parking.  I do all my Christmas shopping online anyway.