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In a week or so, I’ll know if I have been infected.

Coughing and coughing

I finished my antibiotic course yesterday and have raised the humidity in my house to 55%. I am doing everything I can to cure my chest cold. I am drinking hot organic tea with apple cider vinegar (ACV). I’ve heard about the amazing healing properties and have been witness to a lot of them, but this time around this is lingering for way too long. I am using an inhaler to try to breathe better, but earlier yesterday I was struggling so much with my breathing, which turned out to be a full-blown panic attack. I think I was just freaking out that my symptoms were more apparent yesterday.

I just need sleep. It’s just so hard to sleep when your coughing with every breath you take. On the couch I go again.

Let’s just hope tomorrow morning will be a healing day.

I am really quite Sick

I am really sick. I saw my neuro today and we are continuing my disability until end of March where we will reassess and likely go long term.

I have to sleep on the damn couch because I don’t want to keep my hubby all night with my insane coughing fits.

And speaking of sleep we are working on trying to get me to have more restful sleep at night. So, I am gonna sign off and try to go to bed before midnight.

So, goodnight everyone!