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I am apparently VERY clumsy! LOL

So I shared with you all a that I fell and sliced my toe open last night. Well, it won’t stop bleeding. So, Went to urgent care and I can’t put weight on the foot and I have to elevate it until I can see a podiatrist. I’m trying to use crutches but can’t because my balance on crutches sucks (think another fall will happen) so I have to use a walker for now. Ugh! 

Still sick… boo!

I’m getting a lot of people asking questions so I’ll just answer here so everyone can see. I’m ok. My MS is flairing hard from being sick for so long. Was in ER again last night because I was numb everywhere and off-balance. Was at Cleveland Clinic all day today. Saw my neurologist and got a full set of neuro tests done. Am now on third dose of stronger antibiotics and am getting a stat MRI tonight. I’m also waiting on blood work results. I will know more soon as to whether I will be going on IV steroids or some other treatment.