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I am apparently VERY clumsy! LOL

So I shared with you all a that I fell and sliced my toe open last night. Well, it won’t stop bleeding. So, Went to urgent care and I can’t put weight on the foot and I have to elevate it until I can see a podiatrist. I’m trying to use crutches but can’t because my balance on crutches sucks (think another fall will happen) so I have to use a walker for now. Ugh! 

Why am I so clumsy!!!


 I am going up the garage steps and my left leg decides not play along.  I catch myself and say “ow, my toe.  At least I didn’t totally fall!”

So I try waking on it and it’s not having it. I  look down and suddenly I see my foot in a pool of blood.  So I assess the situation while trying to cut down on my blood clean up. (Yes, you parents undertande that one LOL)
So what do I do? I get to a bathroom hobbling and wondering how to yell for help… at 1am!

Well I find my wound kit. (Again parents?) I pull out my saline wash, steri strips, and I’m gonna make it work. I hope I won’t need stitches. It’s not pretty but it’ll do for the night.