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Update time, finally!

I have a mild flair of old symptoms due to my long illness and now I have trigeminal neuralgia! AHhhhhhh!
The MRI showed no new MS lesions just lots of old scars. The MRI showed a large inflamed cyst in my left maxillary sinus close to my eye and touching the trigeminal facial nerve. Thus my tingling and facial pain. Also the rest of my symptoms are just pseudo-exacerbations of past issues, now brought on due to my current infections in both left and right maxillary sinuses. I’m on hard core antibiotics now (my third one thus far) to help this and also on pain meds for the facial pain.
I am feeling SO much better on the new medications and am finally having much less tingling, weakness, and pain.
About damn time!

Still sick… boo!

I’m getting a lot of people asking questions so I’ll just answer here so everyone can see. I’m ok. My MS is flairing hard from being sick for so long. Was in ER again last night because I was numb everywhere and off-balance. Was at Cleveland Clinic all day today. Saw my neurologist and got a full set of neuro tests done. Am now on third dose of stronger antibiotics and am getting a stat MRI tonight. I’m also waiting on blood work results. I will know more soon as to whether I will be going on IV steroids or some other treatment.

Zithromax, my friend

I spend the night on my living room couch so that my horrible, constant coughing didn’t wake my husband or my kids. I swear I hacked up most of my lungs. When morning came, my voice was barely a whisper. This illness just wasn’t getting any easier or better. So, I had to call my doctor to get in the be seen. I had no trouble getting in quickly since they could barely hear me speaking on the other end if the line. I knew I needed antibiotics, and I knew I was going to get the big guns.


Yes, Zithromax. The antibiotics of the gods. Liquid gold to me in times like these. The moment I came home from the pharmacy I popped the first 2 pills and wheezed a sigh of relief.
In 2 to 5 days I should be human again. Fingers crossed.
Here’s to hoping that I finally get out of this miserable flu/bronchitis/sinus/respiratory infection!

Ok, I’m off to watch some tv and fall asleep on my new, temporary bed.