And the verdict is…

As I wrote yesterday, stress has consumed my life so much in the past two days that today I am paying for it badly.

My eyesight has suffered horribly for it. I am seeing blurry and patchy and my right eye is really bad. At least my laptop has a cool thing on it where I can enlarge all the fonts on these pages with one click of my touch pad.

I had to own up to my eye issues and call my neurologist who immediately gave me my verdict of…

5 days of IV steroids

This has put a little huge dent in my plans this weekend.  My youngest’s party which was supposed to be going on this Saturday afternoon, but is currently postponed until April.  I just physically cannot make this party work in two days especially if I can’t see well and am on heavy steroids.  Plus I don’t want to have a nurse come out to the house and infuse me in the middle of my son’s birthday party.

I am so ready to be feeling normal and stable.  Stable is a word that means the world to me right now.  Let’s hope 5 days of IV steroids will work their magic on me.

*fingers crossed*

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