Zithromax, my friend

I spend the night on my living room couch so that my horrible, constant coughing didn’t wake my husband or my kids. I swear I hacked up most of my lungs. When morning came, my voice was barely a whisper. This illness just wasn’t getting any easier or better. So, I had to call my doctor to get in the be seen. I had no trouble getting in quickly since they could barely hear me speaking on the other end if the line. I knew I needed antibiotics, and I knew I was going to get the big guns.


Yes, Zithromax. The antibiotics of the gods. Liquid gold to me in times like these. The moment I came home from the pharmacy I popped the first 2 pills and wheezed a sigh of relief.
In 2 to 5 days I should be human again. Fingers crossed.
Here’s to hoping that I finally get out of this miserable flu/bronchitis/sinus/respiratory infection!

Ok, I’m off to watch some tv and fall asleep on my new, temporary bed.

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