MS fatigue sucks!

Here’s how I’ve felt all day…


I pretty much look normal (whatever normal really looks like hehe) to most people on the outside. But many don’t see my cute pink cane in my car (as my backup walking device), nor do they see the pain searing up and down my spastic legs, or the fatigue which forces me to stop every few minutes to rest and recharge before I do that next load of laundry (that reminds me I have one waiting from 2 hours ago, ugh!). They also don’t see the grab bars in my shower. They don’t see the pharmacy of medications I carry in my purse with which I cannot be without in order to function. They don’t see me getting hooked up to an IV once every month (this Wednesday is the next one – wow time goes fast) to get a powerful second-line MS drug because I failed all the first-line drugs. And as I write, I have the problem of insomnia at night because of the painful spasms. Oh woe is me… whatever…

But it could be worse. Hell, it’s actually been worse. I will be coming upon my 2 year mark of being relapse-free. Remission is awesome but I still suffer with the remnants of what this disease has done to my body. I am lucky to “look normal” – just wish I felt that way.

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