Suddenly I’m shivering!

I realized this afternoon, that I was incredibly tired.  This is not an uncommon side effect of my infusion, so I thought nothing if it and just kept on keeping on.  Then like a light, I was out, sitting up in a chair.  I fell asleep – like in a narcoleptic 3 seconds!  When I woke up, I knew I was sick. I felt pain in every joint and muscle of my body, even my hair hurt! I felt freezing cold, was shivering, my throat was sore, and my eyes were burning. It was so sudden. Everything at once.

So now I’m wondering if I have the flu! Argh!!!! I’m miserable. Good thing I made chicken soup two days ago.  It’s hopefully going to help ease this crud.  If I am much worse tomorrow I will need to make a call to my doctor since I got my infusion yesterday and it can have immunosuppressant effects. Ugh!

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