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Updating my Blog

Just wanted those who are subscribed to my blog to know that I am updating my blog by adding more posts and videos from the past so you may get some email notifications of the new updates, which are from the last year.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey!

Prentice Bed Hack for Comfort during HSCT

Many of us that end up as inpatients do not like that the beds on the 16th floor Prentice are pressure relieving beds because they are loud and constantly moving and shifting you side to side so you don’t get a pressure sore. This can make for a rough night, on top of being woken by nursing during the night for vitals and blood draws. And it gets annoying during the day when we are hanging out in bed watching TV, eating a meal, getting chemo, etc. Many of us are not totally bed bound and do not need to worry too much about pressure sores and if you are experiencing some nausea, it doesn’t help things.
I’ve been making an effort to teach all the nurses that come into my room on how to lock the bed for 8 hours, so I am hoping that helps. But I thought I would post a video so that we could know how to do this “bed trick” ourselves at night and throughout the day.