Midnight would have been a better goal

11:30pm for me to go to sleep, seems impossible. My ambien hasn’t even kicked in. I am watching the DVR’d “Bachelor: Women Tell All” and I am shamefully sucked in. I am trying to catch up on my Google Reader, looking around Facebook and Twitter, and thinking about the piled up sink of dishes waiting for me (in the morning, of course). I have so much to do and so much on my mind that even if I did lay down in bed, I’d still be up for another hour just listening to the craziness going on inside my head.

Tomorrow I am going back to decaf coffee in the morning. That’s it, I blame it all on caffeine.

Just need to figure out if I can get into my bed in the next four minutes and have it be worth it. Maybe I should ease myself into this sleep earlier creature… midnight might be the time tonight, then maybe 11:50 tomorrow, and ease myself back to 11:30.

Wait… We have a problem.  Spring forward.  It’s all gonna come crashing down on March 11th which is when daylight savings time begins.  Damn.  This means that my 11:30 goal will become a 10:30 inside my body.  Ok, this is so totally not going to work.

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