Going Gluten-free

I remember writing this on Facebook, May 10, 2011: “I have officially been gluten-free for 14 hours (had a danish for breakfast – bad me). I guess that’s good, right? It’s kinda like quitting smoking. I feel I should have one of those timer things, showing how long I have successfully gone gluten-free. I really hope this improves my well-being and health.”

It’s actually not too bad if you go slow, meal by meal. I am trying not to overwhelm myself with thinking about cooking gluten-free just yet. So far I am just going with the basics and buying a few gluten-free snacks to help between the meals. I actually found a fabulously yummy double chocolate brownie cookie which rocks!

My suggestion is to keep it simple at first… I bought gluten-free white bread for my sandwiches, and I am eating that while I am playing around with the baking part. Also, potatoes and rice are gluten free… add some chicken and veggies and you’ve got a simple gluten-free dinner. Fruity Pebbles is Gluten-free, so now I have another breakfast choice along with my yummy banana bread. I love salads – and all I am giving up are my croutons. I just finally decided to get focused and go step-by-step, meal-by-meal… I just packed my lunch for work, and got to put potato chips (yes, lots of chips gluten-free! Yummy!) and yogurt in my bag.

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