Nine out of ten pairs are telling me “NO!”

It’s great when you have a closet full of nice clothes that you are totally looking forward to wearing once the weather warms up.  Just simply thinking about the weather getting warmer after the insane winter we’ve had here in the Midwest, is enough to make anyone smile.

However, when you look at your stack of jeans in the closet and nine out of the ten pairs scream at you when you are trying to pull them up past your thighs, you wonder who washed your stuff on the hot cycle.

I’ve been meaning to workout again, especially since I can physically handle it better now following my procedure in February.  But life mildly sidetracked me, in the form of the “Man Cold”.  You know, the type of cold that every man gets and proclaims to be the worst sickness they have ever experienced, lying on the couch moaning about how awful they feel.  Crawling up the stairs to get to bed.  Yeah, that type of cold… My husband likes to call it hospital-grade pneumonia.

Anyway, my boys have had this “Man Cold” for over a week and I now have the dreaded thing. Guess my jeans are just gonna have to wait until either I stop eating so much ice cream or until I get my act together to beat this illness so I can get my butt in gear to burn off some winter calories.

I wonder if my phone has an app for this? Heh.

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