“You do have a lot of good brain left”

Those words rang clearly from my neurologist’s mouth as I tried to hold back tears.

A few days ago I had my 6 month checkup MRI, and it shows new lesions, specifically “On contrast administration abnormal enhancement is associated with at least 3 plaques which are identified within left
centrum semiovale, left periatrial white matter and left lateral frontal lobe within the middle frontal gyrus. These findings are compatible with active demyelination based on imaging and have overall progressed when compared to prior MRI examination.”  Basically, lots of medical jargon meaning I still have yucky stuff going on in my head.

Boooooooooo. 🙁  I have been on a new injectable medication since August, and we still aren’t sure if it is working yet or not.  I get re-scanned in 3 months and then we’ll see what the next step will be.

So, as of right now, to quiet things down, I have been ordered another round of IV Solumedrol. Today was day one of the infusion, and it went well.  I am hoping I will be able to sleep though, since steroids have a tendency to keep you wired.


But at least the good news is that I do have a lot of good brain left. So, I guess it can’t all be that bad. Oh, and I forgot, my spine MRI is clear.  More news for which to be happy and grateful.

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