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My Red Line

You think you’re out of the woods at least for a day, week, even an hour – and them WHAM the pain hits in your left leg down along the back of it making hard to walk and just plain uncomfortable to move.

I hate spasms! I especially despise the ones that hurt – a lot.

It sucks because I need to get things done but if I do too much, too fast without adequate rest as I go along, I reach my red line and something hits me – either loss of vision, weakness in my left leg and arm, dizziness, loss of balance or painful spasms. Ugh! It’s a guessing game to know how close I am to reaching my red line. It changes daily. Thankfully the issues resolve after a time of rest but that red line comes right back and becomes easier to hit after I’ve already reached it that day.

I need to sleep more. I need to go to bed at a decent hour and get more rest. But it’s hard because it takes so much to simply fall asleep. Insomnia and my mind running around makes me crazy! I need naps, but I don’t take them because I think I should be doing something productive. Plus it later ruins the plan to try to get to bed earlier. Arg! So frustrating!

Just needed to vent! Sorry…