Day +85 Update!

I’m on my last antibiotic and am feeling much better.  I have to learn to take time to rest and help myself heal post HSCT.  Tough to do when you have a lot you want and need to do!

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6 thoughts on “Day +85 Update!”

  1. God bless you hon..I’m so glad no pain in legs..continued prayers you’re healing from this MS…. Hope you keep feeling better you

  2. I was probably +18 months when I felt the roller coaster finally leveled out but your way ahead of me in recovery. Glade you are better and yes this whether does suck lately lol

    1. Oh, I have a ways to go then LOL. Thanks for your comment! I’m continuing to feel better daily. Back on the upswing! (I hope!)

  3. Good new’s,Sending prayer’s. I have bee battling m.s.
    Since 1993 and will be 72 in June still walking,may strart a new
    Med soon.

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