Lets recap…

I initially did not meet the criteria for Dr. Burt’s Study at Northwestern because I hadn’t had a relapse in over 3 years. I re-submitted right after I had a relapse in May. Following that I quickly received the paperwork for the possibility of getting invited to come for an evaluation for the study.

I sent my initial email to Northwestern on June 22nd and was contacted within a day to send my Eval paperwork to them. However, I sat on it a bit because my father was going through eye surgery.

Once I knew that my dad was going to be ok, I sent over my paperwork on Sept 7th, I and received the news on Sept 13th, that they wanted me to come come for a formal evaluation! Once they received my medical records a few days later, they asked me to come the next week, Sept 20th and 21st!

I was accepted for treatment by Dr. Burt on a compassionate basis, as I had failed all of my medications and am still showing activity of my RRMS.

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  1. I like your post describing your journey. We love your positive attitude and are traveling right along with you. Be strong and never lose faith. It will be over soon and you will get your live back. Love you, Dad.

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