My last MRI was not good

I had my one month post stem cell followup on Halloween and had an MRI done as well as a whole host of other tests. I got a call a few days later asking me if I felt ok.  Oddly, I asked why and was told that there was new activity on my MRI.  Apparently I had a few lesions that popped up, including a pretty large one on the left side. Surprisingly, the only symptom that had been bugging me was the spasticity in my legs.  So, in order to quiet this lesion, I was put on a 5 day IV steroid infusion… with no taper (that sucked).

I had my last IV steroid infusion on November 7th.
Then on November 9th my left eye decided to get very blurry. It felt like optic neuritis

My stupid eye is bad again and in pain! ARG! This is so frustrating!

Going to see my opthalmologist this afternoon, and will see what he says. Also, have my 2 month followup appointment for my stem cell study on Wednesday so will be getting an MRI and an entire workup.

Come on stem cells… you gotta be working somehow, right? I am thinking maybe this would be a lot worse if I hadn’t gotten you guys in my system.

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