Sleep is necessary

About 2am now… will be receiving my last steroid IV tomorrow morning at 9:30. Had to skip Saturday and Sunday infusions because home health was not available – crashed hard over the weekend from my first 3 days of steroid withdrawal and now I resumed day 4 today and will have day 5 tomorrow.

Insomnia is in full swing and even after taking medications to help me sleep, I think I have maybe yawned once. However, I sit here with absolutely no initiative to get off the couch and get anything done – too tired and loopy but not sleepy – weird. I feel like I am in a dazed limbo.

I hope I might become myself again possibly by Thursday/Friday. Been trying to do things with my boys and having fun with them but it’s so tough with spasms, pain, brain fog, daytime fatigue, and a nightly lack of sleep. I have all these fantastic plans of cleaning my house, crockpotting, organizing closets, and taking my boys to fun places… but I am stuck right now.

Sleep is necessary… so I am going to lie down and pray that I can close my eyes and dream of wonderful things happening in the near future.

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