Here I am 12 hours later…

Everything went well and very smoothly today! I currently have about 110 million stem cells circulating in my body right now. The viability of my cells tested around 97%, which is amazing! They try to make sure the cells have a viability of greater than 70%, so my cells far exceeded the minimum amount of viability needed for the infusion. It’s so good to know that most of my cells are active, alive, healthy and working!

I had no reaction to the infusion and did very well during my 6 hour observation. It was actually a little bit anti-climactic, as it was about 5 minutes of the stem cells going into the IV and then vitals every 10 minutes and then every 30 minutes for the next 6 hours. I know that seeing results will take time and I can’t wait to see what the future brings! I am returning tomorrow for a 24 hour followup and again on Friday. Then I will be going back weekly until November, which then turns to monthly visits until March 2013. They take a bit of blood at each appointment and then monthly they will be doing the big testing with the MRI, VEP, neuro tests, etc. to see how everything changes.

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments, thoughts and prayers! They mean so much to me! I will continue to keep you all updated as much as I can!

Oh, and I still smell like garlic! LOL

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