Monday’s here again

My to-do list from last Monday is still sadly open and unfinished.  Life decided to throw me a curve ball, as usual.  My eyes decided to get worse throughout the week, prompting a call to my neurologist on Wednesday which ended up getting me on a 5 day course of IV steroids. I had to drive downtown on Thursday evening to the infusion center, go to the hospital on Friday, get a home health care nurse to come out on Saturday and Sunday, and I had one more hospital visit today. Needless to say, we decided to postpone my youngest’s official 5th birthday party so that I could get all this stuff taken care of.  The highlight of all of this was my ability on Saturday to see well enough to take my kiddos to the movies.

Right now I am still struggling with the vision in my right eye. It’s actually taken quite a while to write this post – thank goodness for spell check! The left eye seems to have gotten a bit better. Now we just wait to see what magic my medication will have performed  *fingers crossed*  Hopefully, I’ll be able to relax a bit tonight after the boys go to bed and let my body start to really heal.

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