Epic Food Fight

You know one slice of French silk pie has 19 grams of SATURATED fat, not to mention 31 grams of total fat.

And here I am eating a slice at 11:53pm. It’s actually my second “meal” today.

Thus, I FAIL on three important points:

1. I didn’t eat anything today until dinner. Wasn’t hungry. Didn’t feel like eating. I did, finally, have coffee with lots of sugar though for “lunch”… like I said FAIL.

2. I am eating binging after 8pm, or is it supposed to be 7pm. I don’t remember the rule, because I never abide by it anyway. It’s so late, I think I just ate my breakfast for tomorrow morning. Again, FAIL.

3. 31 grams of fat in my belly right now while I am watching my DVR recording of Biggest Loser. Need I say more. EPIC FAIL.

Just about midnight… And there go my intentions of having a somewhat decent curfew.

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