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Zumba class!

Before February 8th, I couldn’t walk without a limp, couldn’t walk backwards, would lose my balance constantly, had spasms in my legs, had bone-crushing fatigue, and and would have never thought about working out, much less taking a Zumba class.

I was kicking my legs, spinning around in circles, swinging my hips, and jumping backwards for 60 minutes!!! It was brutal! I started tearing up when it was over – not because I was in pain, but because I actually did it! I wasn’t very graceful, because I still have some residual weakness in my hips on my left side and that leg fatigues easily, but at least now I have a chance at beginning to strengthen it.

My legs are absolute jello right now. I think I was probably the least graceful and least sexy Zumba-er they had ever seen!