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Please don’t hug me!

Today I thought I was having a heart attack.

Chest pain, hard to breathe, had to tear off my bra under my shirt and the pressure and pain was nearly unbearable. Tried taking some medicine, laid down and prayed. The tightness around my chest was so frightening until I realized that this may be the so-called “MS hug”. I’ve never experienced this symptom before and after what I went through today, I hope to never experience it again. I still feel some of it right now, but the pain has at least been cut in half thanks to my muscle relaxant and time (took about 5 hours to calm down a bit)… So it’s somewhat tolerable. I’m wondering if today’s 90 degree weather and the AC breaking in my car is responsible for this miserable symptom.

At least it’s just a hug and not a heart attack, right? But calling it a hug is just way too kind of a description.

Worst hug… EVER!