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Fight Club Fundraiser – Final Thoughts

It was a great night at the Mapleside Barn for the Fight Club Fundraiser! Love you Chelsea!



Having trouble logging in

Sorry it has been a while for my latest update but I’ve been having some problems logging into my site. I can log in on my phone for now, so here we go…

Steroids are awesome. For me anyway. It’s as though I feel closer to “normal” after I get an infusion. Granted I can’t sleep for three days, but my pain is mostly gone and my walking looks and feels better.

As far as Northwestern goes, the pre-authorization request from Chicago was finally received by my insurance company. So, now it’s just a wait and see thing.  Once we hear back then I should be getting my dates to start Mobilization.

My fundraiser has been going incredibly well!  I am truly amazed as to how many wonderful people I have supporting me through this, financially, but most importantly emotionally.  Not having to worry so much about the cost is the best Christmas and 40th birthday present ever!  If I start mobilizationin January then my stemmie birthday will possibly be on my actual 40th birthday. Kinda cool!