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This may be the week I get my dates for Chicago!

How exciting is it to think about that! I’m nervously organizing things in my house to make the transition from Mom and Dad being gone for 2-3 months in Chicago a little easier for my mother and mother-in-law. My dad is currently traveling to Poland because my Babcia is slowly passing. I would do anything to be there if I could, but I know she would want me to move forward and get this MonSter taken from me forever!

So many emotions in my head tonight. I am trying to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, to get into a more natural sleeping pattern, but it is so difficult with the daytime fatigue and the nighttime insomnia. I took my Ambien about 30 minutes ago and it feels as though it is working. Hopefully of to sleep I go to try to conquer another day of cleaning and organizing tomorrow.

Starting some new meds

Yesterday was a rough day. I had a lot of increased weakness and proprioceptive issues with my left arm and hand.  I think this may be the beginnings of Tysabri withdrawl or Tysabri Rebound Effect.  Either way, it’s no fun to have MS symptoms returning and worsening.  Thankfully, today my arm feels better, pain-wise, and is moving a little better as well. Hopefully it will stay that way. I’ll be calling my neuro tomorrow to get set up for my next IV steroid.

I saw another doctor yesterday who wanted to help me with my depression/anxiety, as well as neuropathic pain.  So, I was given scripts for Cymbalta and Ambien.  The Ambien is hopefully just going to be a temporary thing to help me retrain my body to go to sleep at a more appropriate hour at night.  I need some good rest to try and give my body a fighting chance at trying to heal.