Walking after 10 Years Thanks to HSCT for MS (BBC’s Story)

I wanted to share The BBC’s amazing story of Roy Palmer, who after having HSCT treatment in Sheffield, England, is now walking (and dancing) after being confined to his wheelchair for ten years due to his Multiple Sclerosis.

Walking again after ten years with MS

Many people have been messaging me these past few days with his story, asking me if this is the same treatment that I had done.

It is indeed the same treatment!

I was blessed to receive HSCT in Chicago at Northwestern with Dr. Richard Burt. Both Chicago, Illinois and Sheffield, England were part of the Multi-center Phase 3 Clinical Trial that provided this treatment to people with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. This treatment has been truly life-changing for me, as it has been for Mr. Palmer; as well as hundreds more of us who have received this treatment.

Please feel free to comment or send me any questions to my email anna@endmyms.com and I will do my best to answer them or steer you in a direction to where you can go for more information. Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey here on my blog. Thank you to those who believed in me, helped me on my journey, and believed in this treatment. I am feeling incredible and am running and dancing around again just like Mr. Palmer. HSCT is finally getting the much deserved recognition that it deserves. My wish and prayer is that everyone for whom this treatment may help is able to have the option to receive it someday. The sooner the better! Many don’t have time to wait and are out of options. There is hope in HSCT for many.

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