Day +93 Update – My 3 month Stemmie-versary!

Wow!  Three months!  I feel awesome except for getting over being sick.  My MS symptoms are GONE!  No spasms anymore!  Not dragging my left leg while I walk.  No cane!!!  I walk anywhere from 1.5-3 miles per day and 7-11 flights of starts daily!  Just crazy and surreal still!

2 thoughts on “Day +93 Update – My 3 month Stemmie-versary!”

  1. Oh Anna this is truly a miracle I’m so happy for you you’re in my heart always I pray for all those who can have hsct and praying for cure for the rest of us who need one too but I’m just so happy like I said for you and all that havebeen able to get wonderful results from this I love you

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