Day +2 was amazing!

Another amazing day in the books! Not only did I feel great today, I felt no “MS” fatigue and was able to walk three times, with the last being 4 laps of the unit with my cane and no rest. But the best part of this whole day was my children and family.

My husband made it possible to fool the kiddos into thinking they were headed to a basketball game quite a ways away. Little did they know the “locker room” would be Prentice Room P1695.

So, no video for tonight. Pictures tell a thousand words!

#soblessed #lovemyfamily #hsct #stemcells #icuredmyms

One thought on “Day +2 was amazing!”

  1. Beautiful! The pics speak volumes. I’m so happy for you, but you don’t look old enough to have kids that grown up!

    “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible She walked with the universe on her shoulders, and made it look like a pair of wings.”

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