Can I have an extra hour please?

25 hours in the day. That would be ideal right now. I have been incredibly busy, to the point of total exhaustion.

Why am I going crazy with “a whole hell of a lot of busy”?

On top of doctor’s appointments, I am refinancing my house and the appraiser is coming on Thursday! Ahhhhhhhh! I am having my rental remodeled (basically getting gutted from floor to ceiling). Bigger Ahhhhhhhh! Then I am playing delivery girl during the day, driving supplies from Home Depot to the rental daily. Huge AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am lucky to be home in the evening to spend time with my kids and continue cleaning and make my home look more liveable.

I cannot drive during the night because of my vision, so at least that is helping make me accountable for being at home by the time the sun sets. I did go to bed earlier the last few days, but my body then yelled at me at 5am to get up and do something. If I tried not to listen then my brain went into over-drive with all the thoughts of what I needed to have done by yesterday.

I feel like I have OCD ADHD. If I had one more hour in the day, I would definitely stop and take a well-deserved nap. My body is so mad at me right now. I should be sleeping, but my brain is saying “no! Stay awake and post something in your blog and get more stuff done.”

Ok, brain, tonight you won.

Listen and sleep

I just have to listen to my body tonight.  It’s one of those nights where it’s 11pm and I am falling asleep here on my couch.  I was yawning since about 6pm and sitting here with my eyes closed.  I’m just gonna go lie down, try not to think about anything, and possibly enjoy a 9 hour sleep. That would rock!

Plus, I have a lot of paperwork and bill paying awaiting me tomorrow, so off I go to rest my eyes, which by the way are getting better everyday now little by little. Yay! Also, I am anxiously awaiting some blood work results tomorrow which might explain the blurry eyes and recent weight loss. So, we’ll see what I find out. Hoping for good things, as always!

Blurry Dribble

I really wanted to post about something specific tonight, so much so, that I thought about it for hours in bed while I couldn’t sleep last night. However, today has been a crazy busy day and being sleep deprived and my eyes giving me grief, I am limiting myself to this few uninteresting lines of blurry dribble.

Tomorrow is a new day.

My eyes just need to keep healing.

I want to be able to see somewhat normally again.

That is all.